Pallet Painting Lines & Solutions

The CPL/4 line offers the perfect solution for pallets that are used in recycling and/or that need to be painted according to customer specific demands. Machine; It consists of 5 parts as introduction, pallet sorting, painting, marking and stacking. The pallets fed into the system one by one make stamping and/or marking in a different color desired without touching the pallet after the 4 sides are painted. The painting process is painted in a closed chamber with minimum loss thanks to 4 moving nozzles. Thanks to its special filtering, aspiration and recycling system, it saves paint up to 40%

Technical Specifications
Capacity                               :       4 Pcs/min
Feeding Speed                     :       30 m/min
Stacking Area                      :       2×17 Pallets
Dyeing Systems                   :       4 x Airless spraying guns – Automatic system
Draft Dyeing System           :       4x HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Equipment – Automatic system
Pallet Type                           :       EPAL EURO PALLET 800X1200 AND 1020X1220
Dimensions of Line             :       16x4x2,5 meters (LxHxW)
Filtration For Dyeing           :       Yes