CPM/400 Prisma Machine


CPM/400 Prisma Machine

CPM/400 Prism Machine is specially designed to cut logs between 150-400 mm in diameter and 2-6m in length with the help of a circular saw. It is used to cut logs vertically to length with circular saws driven by independent electric motors on four separate shafts in the machine.

Machine; It consists of 3 modules: input module, cutting module and output module. Right and left saws can be positioned in millimeters according to the diameter of the log. As an option, right and left saws can be automatically positioned according to the diameter of the log.

CPM/400 Prism Machine, which can cut at high speed and efficiency, is suitable for cutting logs of various lengths (1.2-6 m) according to customer demand, and is preferred in wooden pallets, construction timber and joinery timber production workshops

Technical Specifications

Max. Log Diameter          :  400 mm

Min. Log Diameter          :  150 mm

Max. Cutting Height        :  390 mm

Min. Cut Width                :  78 mm

Max. Cutting Width         :  240 mm

Min. Cut Length               :  2000 mm

Max. Cut Length              :  6000 mm

Circular Saw Diameter     :  650 mm

Main Engine                     :  4×45 kW

Other Engines                   :  7 kW

Weight                               : ~ 13000kg

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