Multirip Saw Machines

CML/2/250 Multiripsaw Machine



  • Lower and upper saw system that can be adjusted according to cutting thickness with a digital system.
    With this system, the lower and upper saws cut equal amounts, and the main engines meet the equal load, giving fixed saws 20% higher performance than machines.
  • Saw spindle made of special steel, hardened and ground.
  • Pallet system made of special alloy that provides a smooth cutting surface in the feeding direction of the machine, 4 pneumatically driven special alloy rollers to remove the cut products at the exit section.
  • Safety nails and curtain system made of special alloy steel, 2 rows at the top and 1 row at the bottom, against parts flying from the machine entrance and kickbacks.
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRICS PLC control system with 12” screen, which enables the positioning of the saws and the upper pressure system.
  • Adjustable guide system at the machine entrance to cut clean products on 3 sides without wastage.
  • Automatic lubrication system for pallet system.
  • With the error detection page, possible errors can be diagnosed very quickly.
  • Possibility of remote connection via Wi-Fi, which shortens error detection times and solutions and does not require the employment of costly expert personnel.

Technical Specifications

Max. Cutting Height                                               :  250 mm

Min. Cutting Height                                                :  20 mm

Max. Cut Width                                                       :  450 mm

Max. Working Width                                               :  750 mm

Min. Cut Length                                                       :  800 mm

Max. Cut Length                                                      :  6000 mm

Saw Diameter                                                           :  Ø400 (Ø300-Ø350)

Saw Rotation Cycle                                                 : 3000 d/min

Saw Bore Diameter                                                 :  Ø 90 mm

Max. Feed Rate                                                        :  40 m/min

Main Power                                                              :  2×75 kW

Up and Down Rollers Movement                           :  Electric Motor

Upper Roller Movement                                          :  Pneumatic

Pallet Feeding System                                            :  Electric Motor

Up and Down Movement of Circular Saw            :  Electric Motor

Lubrication System                                                  :  Automatic

Weight                                                                         :  ~ 7000 Kgs

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