CLC/120/300 – 3 Hydraulic Log Carriages

CLC/120/300 – 3 Hydraulic Log Carriages


  • Easy remote controlled via 2 joystick with 6 buttons
  • Selectable conditions of hooks-turning devices
  • The forward and backward movement of the carriage is done by an electric motor reducer with a speed control device. System with steel rope and drum mechanism.
  • Depending on the log type, the hook tightening pressure can be adjusted at 2 different pressures.
  • Headblock positioning speed 300mm/sec
  • Hydraulic system hook movement.
  • Automatic dosing and central lubrication system.
  • Automatic warning system at hydraulic unit. (temperature/level/pressure)
  • Multi-axis PLC control system, 12” Schneider brand touch screen
  • Quick positioning with optimized cutting program.
  • Selectable cutting program according to quality, length, price.
  • 100 cutting programs can be saved, each of which can be entered with 16 different thickness values.
  • Checking and detecting problems as quickly as possible with the diagnosis page.
  • Possibility of remote connection via the internet, which shortens error detection times and solutions and does not require the employment of costly expert personnel.

Technical Specifications

Headblock Speed                                                                  :  300 mm/sec.

Carriage Forward and Backward Speed                            : 120 m/min.

Width of the Carriage                                                            :  2200 mm

Length of the Carriage                                                          :  5000 mm

Weight of the Carriage                                                          :  7000 Kgs

Rail Width                                                                                :  1220 mm

Maximum Opening of Headblocks                                     :  1000 mm

Maximum Opening of Hooks                                              :  1000 mm

Distance Between Headblocks                                           :  1200 mm – 2300 mm

Hydraulic Unit Motor                                                             :  15 kW

Forwarding Electric Motor                                                    :  18,5 kW

Engine of Headblock Movement                                          :  7,5 kW

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