CLB/120 – Ø1200 Hydraulic System Band Saw

CLB/120 – Ø1200 Hydraulic System Band Saw

Technical Specifications

Flywheel Diameter                                   :  1200 mm

Flywheel Width                                         :  140 mm

Max. Cutting Height                                 :  1100 mm

Max. Cutting Width                                  :  650 mm

Main Engine                                              :  45 kW

Other Engines                                           :  3,7 kW



  • Automatic pressure controlled saw tension system.
  • Hydraulic system saw nozzle up and down movement.
  • The upper flywheel tilting process is manual.
  • Automatic diesel fueling system for saw and flywheel cleaning
  • Chain waste conveyor at cutting drop point.
  • Pneumatic brake system for stopping the saw in an emergency
  • Switching to emergency mode with the sensor that detects the saw breaking.

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