Board & Slab Edging Machines

Board Edger Machine

It is a perfect complement to obtain the desired width product from the edged plates. While providing ease of use with its simple, compact and versatile designs, it can be integrated into the existing facility of any business thanks to its easy assembly.

– Models with 120-160 mm cutting heights

– Possibility to apply 2 or 3 saws to the movable and fixed sleeve

– Manual or automatic feeding

– Automatic fueling

– Possibility to process 1000 mm wide products

Optional equipment;

– PLC controlled manual or automatic feeding

– Up to 3 axis movable saw option

– Removal of waste from the system thanks to separator arms

– Cutting easily and in the most efficient way with the alignment arms.

Technical Specifications

Max. Cutting Height         : 120 mm / 160 mm

Min. Cutting Height          :  15 mm

Max. Cut Width                 :  800 mm

Max. Working Width         : 1000 mm

Min. Cut Length                 : 800 mm

Max. Feed Rate                  : 40 m/min

Saw Rotation Cycle           : 3000 rpm

Upper Rollers                     : 2 x 240

Bottom Rollers                   : 5 x Ø135 mm (120)

                                              : 6 x Ø135 mm (160)

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